Spring 2015

Chemical Engineering

The Dow Chemical Co (Lake Jackson, TX) – Production Engineer, day to day troubleshooting to keep plant running and making $$$.

Involvement with SASE
PR Chair 2010, Fundraising Chair 2011, National Conference Marketing team, Branding Team, Professional Team, Programming Team…etc. (I may have forgotten some…)

How has SASE helped her
SASE has helped me build an incredible network and have a family within UF. I basically grew up with SASE and stayed involved majority of my time in college, and that’s hard to do without getting bored of an organization. SASE has helped me meet some of my greatest friends and I still look forward to NC every year. Also SASE is a great way to learn and practice soft skills that will infinity help in your career.

Advice for Upperclassmen
There’s definitely a transition from student to “fully functional adult.” It’s hard, but remember there are resources all around you: your SASE family, your peers, and your best friend (Google!)

Advice for Underclassmen
Hey, I’m still trying to figure things out. Things change and shift, and that’s okay. Just be positive and try to learn from every failure or whatever twist and turns life throws at you. As long as you’re always pushing yourself to be a better than you were yesterday, you’re going to be fine regardless of how you feel today.

Favorite UF SASE moment
I have so many its hard to pinpoint just one. Every year, NC is a different experience, but always ends up a blast. Even though my team didn’t win Quickrace, we all have a good time. But my favorite events are basically bonding events, like cooking together in December and building Gingerbread houses, testing random science experiments in Irene’s house, all those small random moments that build into a lasting college experience‚Ķ