Fall 2014

Mechanical Engineering with a Japanese Minor

Currently working for Metter’s Incorporated – Orlando, FL – Mechanical Design Engineer 1. I am designing a simulation trainer for the military. I use technical drawings to create models on SolidWorks and then do failure analysis if necessary.

Past Involvement with SASE
I attended conferences and meetings. I continue to go to conferences to expand my network and explore career opportunities.

How has SASE helped you get to where you are today?
Through SASE, I was able to meet people with very similar career goals. SASE also provided many ways to achieve these goals and to build a strong network.

What advice would you give to older SASE members preparing for life after college?
If your job provides a mentorship program, do it! You learn a lot about the workplace and how to work efficiently at a fast rate. Thanks to my mentor, I was able to understand my job duties within the first 2 weeks.

What advice would you give to younger SASE members who are still trying to figure things out?
Don’t be afraid to try out something new beyond your major or interests!

What is your favorite UF SASE memory?
Attending all conferences and representing UF with everybody and the many potlucks!