Fall 2014

Mechanical Engineering

GE Energy Management – Commercial Leadership Program (CLP).
(Raleigh, NC. Moving soon.)

This is a 2 year rotational program with four six-month rotations. These rotations are in product management, technical sales, and commercial operations. I am currently in product management role, in which I create the technical documents seen by the customer for our switchgear. In addition, I am creating a video series for marketing our products at tradeshows and our customer centers. My future rotations will be more customer facing allowing me to create solutions for our customers while selling GE’s equipment. In addition I am leading a global team of CLPs for improving branding and recruitment of people into this program.
This program is a great fusion of engineering, sales, and marketing. If you have an engineering degree and are interested in the commercial side of the business, this is the program for you.

Involvement with the Chapter
Fall 2011: Historian
Spring 2012: Secretary
Fall 2012-Spring 2013: VP
Fall 2013-Fall 2014: SASE Fan

Currently an incognito member of SASE National Marketing (I help here and there lol) & was a part of GE’s involvement with SASE at NC

How has SASE helped her get to where she is today?
SASE gave me a support system and the resources to survive my classes. A family away from home. And the networking opportunities to get my first internship with GE Aviation, which ultimately led to my networks to obtain a full time position with GE Energy Management.

Advice for Upperclassmen
Don’t be afraid if your vision for what you want completely changes. Doors will open and close, and somehow you will find everything couldn’t have worked out any better. Look for a company that compliments the type of life you want to have. Don’t look at the exact role, but look at the projected career path. Everyone uses company culture as an easy interview question, but genuinely reflect on it. What type of culture do you like? Chase the company you love, and the interviewers will see your sincerity and dedication. Yes, it’s important to throw yourself into your career early on…but remember work/life balance is a thing. Build a life while building a career. It’s easier to maintain a balance from the beginning than to build it in later on. Consider how you could create and find that balance in the companies you’re considering.

Advice for Underclassmen
Get involved. Get involved. Get involved. Create vast networks now, get involved with things you are passionate with and the opportunities will come to you without you even having to seek them out. If you get involved in what your passionate about, your resume will become well rounded without you even trying. Some of my most amazing experiences happened because the right people thought of me when opportunities arose. For example, I attended a conference about interdisciplinary collaboration at Stanford on behalf of UF college of engineering. How?! I expressed my love for art and engineering frequently and one day someone remembered that and reached out to me. Expand your networks. Please keep your GPA above a 3.0, though. Remember your education is the #1 reason you are here.

Favorite UF SASE memory
This is an entirely unfair and impossible to answer question. SASE is my favorite memory. Ummmm. If I had to pick, I would say SASE Study Rooms, 2nd floor Reitz Union which no longer exists 🙁
The memories and everyone sharing cold medicine and waking one another up for exams and mixing chemicals to make popping boba as a study break…hands down among the highlights of my college career. And the helium filled shark.
We were a weird eboard.