Spring 2016

Mechanical Engineering with a Business Administration Minor

He currently works as a process engineering for P&G in Utah.

Past Involvement with SASE
Webmaster, Treasurer, Internal VP, SERC2014 Multimedia Director, SERC2015 Marketing Director, SERC2016 Co-Executive Director, SASENC2014 Marketing Assistant Manager, SASENC2015 Attendance Assistant Manager, SASENC2016 Marketing Assistant Manager. Competed in SASE InnoService design competition with UF SASE team.

How has SASE helped you get to where you are today?
SASE taught me if I can dream it, I can do it. It taught me the importance of getting involved and the positive impact it made on my life and those around me. SASE enabled me to explore many different roles while developing leadership skills such as Regional & National conference planning and technical work like InnoService. These experiences opened my mind and exposed me to a variety of perspectives. Without the exposure and initiatives I’ve taken through SASE, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What advice would you give to older SASE members prepping for life after college?
To those prepping for life after college, the life is what you make of it. It can be the greatest thing no longer having to deal with terrible classes and sleep schedule. But it can also be dreadful entering the adult world and slaving your life away for money. Do what you want to do because you’ll never get time or moments of your life back. Value your time and value those around you. Don’t worry about life after college. Take care of today and the byproduct will be a better life tomorrow.

What advice would you give to younger SASE members who are still trying to figure things out?
Don’t wait for opportunities. Create them and pursue them. Get involved, learn new things, and do what you never done before. Take on challenges you think you can’t handle. And most importantly, there’s life outside of the classroom and studying. Go live it.