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Learn more about our SASE chapter here at the University of Florida. You will also find many important dates, applications, and forms here. Check back here for information and any new updates SASE has to offer! The "Latest News" section may contain more information certain 'Applications' or 'Important Dates.'

Chapter History
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Important Dates

12/2 ~ UF SASE 5th Fall GBM
12/4 ~ SASE Awards Due
12/6 ~ AASU Field Day
12/11 ~ UF SASE Banquet

Get Ready for the Southeast Regional Conference!
The University of Florida chapter is hosting next year's Southeast Regional Conference for the third year in a row. The Southeast Regional Conference is a place where students, professionals and corporations can gather to deliver or experience inspirational workshops with themes ranging from professional development to raising cultural awareness, as well as, participate in socials, a service event, and networking session.


What is SASE?

Mission Statement

SASE is a young organization and we welcome companies and individuals to support our efforts to connect across cultures and companies to enable Asian heritage scientific and engineering professionals to achieve their full potential. Through our meetings and events, we help shape skills and provide knowledge that will our members to succeed in the professional world. No matter what you’re majoring in, we provide a friendly atmosphere to help prepare you to land that internship or job.

To create a welcoming community where members are able to help each other develop professionally, foster leadership skills, and excel academically; are inspired and encouraged to pursue their goals by creating their own opportunities; understand how their own culture affects the workplace; and actively contribute to the local community.

  • Professional Development
  • Leadership
  • Academics
  • Community Service
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity


Get to know this year's 2015-2016 SASE Officers.
Sarah Otsuka
5th Year
Industrial Systems Engineer
Denise Pulmano
Internal Vice President
3rd Year
Mechanical Engineer
Kate Shin
External Vice President
3rd Year
Industrial Systems Engineer
William Reuangrith
3rd Year
Electrical Engineer
Trang Leminh
3rd Year
Materials Science Engineer
Megan Quach
Public Relations
3rd Year
Digital Arts & Sciences
James Hsiung
BEC Representative
2nd Year
Mechanical Engineer
Jeric Cabalbag
Fundraising Chair
3rd Year
Mechanical Engineer
Anna Liou
Service Chair
2nd Year
Industrial Systems Engineer
Natalia Diaz
Academic Chair
2nd Year
Chemical Engineer
Ariel Tang
Multimedia Chair
2nd Year
Chemical Engineer
Greg Hasegawa
Alumni Chair
5th Year
Mechanical Engineer

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