Spring 2015

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Currently working for UTC Aerospace Systems in Phoenix, AZ
Associate Engineer – Stress Analysis

Involvement with the chapter
I was a SASE member for a number of years and eventually became the BEC Representative on the E-Board my final year at UF. During my time with SASE, I’ve been supported SASE through various committees for events such as QuickRace and Regional Conference. As an E-Board member, I was able to create and lead events as well as support in all facets of the chapter. Currently, I am a part of the UF SASE alumni group but hope to contribute more both locally and nationally.

How SASE has helped him get to where he is today
My current occupation is a direct result of being a part of SASE. I registered early for National Conference with my resume in the system, got an interview weeks before conference, and then got an offer only hours after my interview. Outside of those obvious opportunities, I would not have aced the interview without attending SASE events and getting involved!

Advice to Upperclassmen
Don’t freak out, people really don’t expect you to know everything after college. College is more proof you know how to manage your time, learn quickly, have common sense, and be able to think critically. Science and engineering are fields that thankfully pay well, so just remember how privileged you are to have the opportunity to learn and support yourself right out of college.

Advice to New Members
Get involved, and seriously learn how to manage your time. These two things generally lead you to finding your friends, passion, and succeeding both socially and academically. Also, cherish your time and freedom in school. If you don’t have a slight interest or passion for your major don’t be afraid to completely change it. Rely on your friends to keep you going when you are stressed beyond belief. Lastly, get some sleep, if you manage your time properly you’d never have to pull an all-nighter. These don’t work and fry your brain. I never really did one and look at me haha.

Favorite UF SASE memory
There’s too many to pick but I am fond of the Chinese New Year potluck we had at my apt. I must have cooked for 30-40 people or servings. It felt great to see everyone enjoy my cooking and have a good time!