Spring 2013

Materials Science and Engineering with a Business Administration Minor

Currently attending graduate school @ University of California, Santa Barbara – PhD in Materials

Involvement with the Chapter
I helped found UF SASE in the summer of 2010 (8th chapter!), then served as President and VP between 2011 and 2013. Since the first National Conference in 2011, I’ve served as a NC volunteer on various committees (including Marketing, Logistics, Programming, and Attendance). In the summer of 2013, I became the Branding Lead on the Marketing Committee and am currently in that role, where I help develop SASE’s brand and offer guidelines on how to properly use our logo.
Now, I just helped found the UCSB SASE chapter (we’re 75th, whoo) and am serving as Co-President.

What is your research like?
I’m working on making the next generation of displays by using inorganic LEDs. There is much room for improvement, and if displays can be made solely with RGB (red, green, and blue) LEDs, your phone’s battery lifetime can be doubled.

Plans after grad school?
If my research is successful, I hope to start a company. Otherwise, I’d like to move up to the Bay Area and work in the electronics/semiconductor industry and work on next gen tech products.

How has SASE helped you get to where you are today?
SASE has helped me transform into a more confident and courageous person. From being forced into situations where I had to speak to large groups of people to coming up with new ideas or events, SASE has forced me to develop personal and professional skills. Those skills have helped me in all aspects of life, whether it be leading groups or working on projects for work. And most importantly, UF SASE has been my family during and even after my time at UF.There are so many people who have cared about my well-being and encouraged me to work towards my aspirations.

Advice to Upperclassmen
A really common phrase we’ve all heard regarding careers is that you should do something about which you are passionate. But that piece of advice is pretty unhelpful if you don’t know what that is. Instead, I suggest you start working on something that you find “slightly more interesting.” As Steve Jobs said, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward – you can only connect them looking backwards.” If you just trust your gut and work on something you find marginally exciting, then it might lead you somewhere great. But you’ll only be able to tell your story when you start to look back.

Something that is more general comes from one of my favorite TV shows (Bob Kelso from “Scrubs”): “Nothing in this world worth having comes easy” (yes, I know a famous president said it first… but Scrubs!)

Advice to Underclassmen
There’s a lot of events, groups, and opportunities out there. Keep an open mind, and take advantage of all that UF offers. After visiting many campuses, I can say that UF has some of the coolest stuff out there. Try something new; even if it’s not your thing, knowing what you don’t like is as valuable as knowing what you do like. This applies to hobbies, majors, and most things in life.

Hint: UF SASE is probably the best org on campus (most helpful and coolest family you’ll have outside your family).

Favorite UF SASE memory
I MISS UF SASE (and all the really cool trips we took) <3. One of my favorite things that we did was baking apple tarts with our first e-board (Irene, Caitlyn, and Bethena) as part of one of our officer meetings.