Fall 2016

Mechanical Engineering with a Japanese Minor

Working at Toyota Motor North America as Engineer – Supplier Engineering Development in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I work directly with different manufacturing suppliers to Toyota and help everything progress smoothly as we develop new vehicles.

Past involvement with SASE
I got involved with SASE as a freshman and held several positions from PR to chapter President during my time at UF. I had the opportunity to work with a number of amazing people who also sparked my interest to volunteer nationally. I have been a marketing volunteer for the past two National Conferences and continue to do some slight work with SASE’S national leadership committee.

How has SASE helped you?
Other than the great professional development, it has really been the people I’ve met and worked with through SASE that have taught, motivated, and challenged me. To me, the mentorship you have access to in SASE (both direct and indirect) is the most valuable part of SASE. Not that it’s all business all the time, it’s almost the opposite. You can meet a lot of different people and make great friends but the difference that I’ve found is that these are all friends who push each other to improve and enjoy helping others grow as much as growing themselves.

Advice to Upperclassmen
If you’re struggling or unsure of things, keep your head up; things will work out in the end. Take full advantage of being in an environment like UF before you leave and make sure that whatever you’re looking for next is a place that will enable you and that you will enjoy.

Advice to Underclassmen
Follow what you enjoy doing. If you have an idea or want to take initiative on something, do it. Don’t wait for someone else or push it till later. UF is a low risk environment to try things and whether they succeed or fail, they will be learning experiences that will help build you toward your goals.

Favorite Memory
This is a hard question… every NC has been memorable, road trips to RCs, working with different eboards… but I think most memorable was taking time to bond with my mentees over the summer 🙂