Spring 2016

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Process Engineer for P&G

How were you involved with SASE during your time at UF?
2013 – 2014
– Secretary
– Programming Co Director for 2014 SERC
– Programming Committee member for 2014 NC

2014 – 2015
– External Vice President
– Executive Director for 2015 SERC
– Programming Game Night Co Lead for 2015 NC

– President
– Programming Director for SASE NC 2016

– Planning the P&G Workshop for SASE NC 2017 😀

What is your job title and what do you do for the company?
Process Engineer – optimization work for our current system and process, loss elimination, quality assurance and trending, and initiative delivery

How has SASE helped you get to where you are today?
SASE was a big part of my undergraduate involvement. It has helped me become the leader I am today, figure out what I wanted to pursue as a career, and gave me the best friends and mentors I still keep in touch with today. I wouldn’t be who I am without SASE.

What advice would you give to older SASE members prepping for life after college?
Enjoy the time you have left at UF. The hardest part of transitioning was being alone in a new city. I miss being in close proximity to my friends but the fun part is we can plan to meet up in a new city every year 🙂

And being a member of SASE doesn’t stop. Be there for the organization that helped you get to where you are today and shaped you to who you are.

What advice would you give to younger SASE members who are still trying to figure things out?
SASE is timeless and limitless.

Timeless: I got involved with SASE my 3rd year at UF and when I first joined I thought I was too late. In the 3 year span of my involvement, I was able to accomplish more than I ever thought I was capable of and found some of my best friends, amazing mentors, and a family at UF.

Limitless: UF SASE is never going to stay the same, the young members are the future of it. But that’s the exciting part. You have the opportunity to make a lasting impact in your own unique way.

What is your favorite UF SASE memory?
Planning for the 2015 SERC. I loved my committee and can say that was when I started seeing SASE as my family. I had so much doubt in myself but my mentors and committee believed in me and supported me – and for that I am always grateful.

And being President – my board was amazing. I miss our potluck retreats and getting excited for the small wins we had. Although we didn’t win the gold chapter of the year at SASE NC, I still saw us as the gold chapter in my eyes. Miss you all <3