Fall 2014

Civil Engineering

Wantman Group, Inc. – Jacksonville, FL

I got involved with SASE in 2013. I was their first Service Chair. In Fall 2014, I spearheaded UF SASE’s 1st Mentor/Mentee Program. Shout out to my mentees! Currently, I am on leadership committee for SASE National, I participate in SASE National Programs such as SASE Circles, and even visit the UF Chapter!

How has SASE helped you get to where you are today?
SASE has taught me how to work as a team, be leader, and push myself to be the best I can be.

What advice would you give to older SASE members prepping for life after college?
Keep in touch! We are a SASE Fam. As for life after college, I’d say love more, live more, eat more. Also time is more valuable then money especially time spent with the ones you love.

What advice would you give to younger SASE members who are still trying to figure things out?
Youngins! My advice is we all run the gamit of college at our own pace, my advice to young SASE people would be take your time, we’ll see you at the finish line

What is your favorite UF SASE memory?
Every time we stay up till 5 am.