Everyday has been enjoyable and fun celebrating SASE’s birthday week. Since Monday, we started off with an arts and craft for SASE Spirit Day, where we explored our creative side and created cute and wonderful bowls, plates, and such, showing off how much SASE means to us! We discussed together with APIA about our Asian identity and role in the workplace as an Asian-American for Cultural Awareness Day. We represented our school by decking ourselves in Gator gear and eating lunch together at Krishna. We put on our best suit for the LinkedIn workshop where we learned about all the ways to use LinkedIn from our guest speaker, Jessica, and had professional headshots taken by Daniel Sinto. So many people came out to celebrate SASE’s 8th Birthday at the potluck social to eat delicious food, play games and hang out with the SASE Family! Great thanks to everyone who brought in canned foods for our SASE Service Day! We appreciate you guys coming out to these events. It may or may not be possible to show up every day but we love when you put in the effort and try to come to as many events as you can. I hope everyone had a good time!

All the SASE chapters showed off their SASE Spirit with #SASESpirit2015! Check out all the fun that everyone had! Follow our social media to see updates and reminisce on the fun we had together on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget we also have Twitter, so follow us there!

Thanks again for making this week so fun! It’s all because of you guys that we are the best SASE chapter!